Mindfulness Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! I’d like to get everyone’s work (any otherwise) week started off the right way with some awesome tips on being mindful this and every week.

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Although this is very difficult, try to do one thing at a time. Completing one task at a time allows us to really be present in the moment with whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish.

Along with being present in the moment, try not to think too much about the past or the future. Being with this moment allows us to cherish the now and avoid anxiety about what’s been or what’s to come. 

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Don’t dwell on the past or mistakes that have been made. Spending too much time with these things only allows them to limit and hurt you. Recognize these feelings, be with them, and then move on from them.

Realize what you can and cannot control, practice acceptance of these facts, and practice keeping a positive outlook on things. You cannot change the past but you can change how you deal with things and how you act going forward.

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it! You are doing your best and your best is really great. Listen to your (and others) feelings without passing judgement. Over time you’ll find that this will give you some new insights into your feelings as well as the feelings of the people around you. You can use these insights to better communicate your feelings and with other people.

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At the end of your day, list 10 things that you are grateful for. What are things in your life that you love the most dearly? We spend much of our day focused on tasks and concerns, when we could be thinking of all of the really great things that we all have to be thankful for. The things that I am especially thankful today and each day are my loved ones, my educations and my ability to use it to help other people, my good health, and that warm weather is finally coming (YAY!).

I hope that everyone is having a great Monday. Let’s all start this week mindfully and try to keep that momentum going throughout the rest of the week. I hope you’re able to learn something new and practice at least one of these mindfulness activities today and each day this week!

Take care!!



Make Your Perfect Positive Space a Reality!

Whether your space is for meditation, reading or writing, or just for taking a few quiet moments away from the world, creating a relaxing space for yourself should be fun, personal, and most importantly– stress free!

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First, pick an environment that meets whatever your needs are, whatever those may be. I knew when creating my space that I do a lot of reading and writing and that I love the outdoors, so I was able to find a spot in my home with a good amount of counter space, a lot of natural light and a big window overlooking a beautiful spot in the yard. Based on these needs, I also decided to design this space a little like an office would be, with books, writing and coloring utensils, and a big comfortable chair to sit in, with a pillow and blanket to curl up with.

The most difficult step of creating your positive space is to declutter and keep this space as clean as possible. Simplifying and minimizing clutter and distractions will allow you to be your most peaceful and productive in this space you’re creating.

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Although free of clutter, you can place a few objects in the area that are important to you and what you’re trying to achieve. In my space, I have a calendar for important events and scheduled blog postings, a scented candle that gets intermittently changed out, some crystals, and a couple small gifts from my loved ones.

Before I read or write, I light my candle and it reminds me that it’s a special time to relax and unwind. Being surrounded by the personal pieces that I’ve chosen and the things from my loved ones makes my heart feel very full and at peace when I’m in my retreat.

Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash

Don’t have a bunch of spare space or counter area to create your own refuge? No problem. You can take your favorites of these simple ideas and apply them to any area you want and love in your home. 

Do you have any area in your home that you love or spend a large amount of your time in? If you do, what else occupies that area? Are there any special objects or decorations that make that area what it is? I spend much of my time in my make- shift study with my candle lit, reading, writing, or studying. If I’m not there, you can usually find me reading or snuggling my puppies on the couch!

I hope you are thriving through this week and headed toward and amazing weekend!



Spring cleaning your space and your mind: The necessities.

Although my heart is saying spring, where I’m at the weather is not yet so nice. Regardless of this fact, it’s never too early to get a jump start on cleaning and organizing your life and mind! Sometimes this daunting task can seem overwhelming and you may not even be sure where to start.

Decluttering your physical space.

It’s often difficult to part with your belongings and if you’re anything like me, you can easily justify exactly why you should hang it back up in the shadowy depths of your closet, to be reckoned with another day. It’s important to go through and evaluate what is really important to us and what’s not. Eliminating all the extra distractions and clutter hugely decreases stress and will give you a fresh start to the warmer months!

Photo by krystina rogers on Unsplash

Important things to ask yourself when going through your closet include:

– Have I used or worn this item in the past year? If you haven’t used it in the past year of even 6 months, chances are that you probably aren’t going to use it any time soon.

Photo by Duy Hoang on Unsplash

– Do I realistically have plans to use or wear this item in the near future (and does or will it fit properly?). Is this a formal dress you have plans to use shortly? If so, then fine, you can keep it. If not, don’t trick yourself into keeping the clutter.

– Is the only reason that you’ve kept this item because it holds sentimental value for some reason? Is this your favorite skirt from high school but will probably not fit again? Is it a t-shirt that you CANNOT part with but can instead have a portion held in a picture frame?

– Is this item of something that I feel absolutely amazing when wearing? If the answer is maybe, sometimes, or no, the item can probably go. 

Decluttering your mental space.

Cleaning up your mental space can often be a bit more challenging and proves to take a more conscious and consistent effort on our parts. But nevertheless, it can and should be done so that we can live in our best and happiest state.

Ways to declutter and clean up your mental space include:

– Regularly practicing gratitude. Making gratitude a priority will shift your frame of mind from the negative to the positive, ridding it of some of those pesky thoughts.

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– Be patient with yourself and the people around you. What you show others, you’ll receive in return. Manifesting a patient and caring environment inside and out of your mind will enrich

– Let go of the thoughts that aren’t currently serving you. Dwelling on thoughts from the past or thoughts that are negatively affecting you are a waste of your time and energy. Use that time and energy for anything more productive toward you and your happiest mental space.

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– Practice positive self-talk and affirmations. Just like regularly practicing gratitude, regularly practicing positive self-talk and affirmations completely re-wires the way you think to be more positive, supportive, and happy and have less negative thoughts.

– Meditate. This exercise for your mind helps you to be more mentally clear, have less racing thoughts, and to feel more centered and calm.

Spring cleaning is important in many different ways and gives a lot of us a fresh start to warmer weather. It’s hard to get started, hard to get through, but always rewarding. What are your favorite ways to spring clean? Hope everyone has a great start to their week!



Thankful Thursday

I’d like to start out by saying that I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday. I’m not sure about anyone else’s week, but mine has been long and trying. We’re so close to being done with this work week! Throughout this demanding week I’ve been keeping things in perspective by trying to focus on the countless things I have to be thankful for right now. I believe when times get tough, I believe it’s so important to consider making a little shift of attitude and perspective to help to shine a little light on any situation!

Although my job can be very difficult, I’m beyond blessed to be able to spend my life taking care of people’s physical and mental wellbeing, educating patients and their families on a multitude of different topics, and getting the opportunity to make amazing connections with people on what would otherwise be the worst days of their lives in the emergency room.

I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to be continuing my education at my first-choice university (GO HAWKS!!). I’m so fortunate to be able to continue to learn and grow throughout this journey. This degree is also something that I could never be achieving full time while working full time without the hugely amazing support system I have. They’ve been encouraging me and supporting me from the beginning and the end is finally in sight!

Something that I often take for granted because it’s something that always seems to be there is my pretty constant state of great health. I am reminded often by taking care of my patients that there are so many people in the world who would wish for nothing more than to have good health again, and I am so glad to have mine.

I’ve been blessed with the most wonderful family, parents, friends, boyfriend, and his family. I could really not be more happy or lucky had I hand-picked them all. I know that no matter how terrible of a day or week that I have, that it will pass, that I have this great support group and many people to call and make plans with even if that just means wine on the couch. Life is so much better with my loved ones.

Lastly, I’m thankful for my ability to look for and see the positive in even the worst of situations. My parents worked hard to teach me this and on my worst days, they and my boyfriend remind me how to see this way again.

For all of these things I am thankful this Thursday and each day! What are some things you are thankful for today?

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week, hang in there!



What does wellness mean?

You’re a very complex and unique individual. What does your health look like? Everyone’s perfect picture of health will look just a little different. Wellness isn’t about being the skinniest or most buff person in the room, it’s all about being happy and feeling healthy, and finding workouts that work for you. It’s also not about eating a salad for every meal of every day. A good rule to follow is, “everything in moderation”; practice living a life that you love that is healthy and sustainable in the long-term. 

Photo by Megan Hodges on Unsplash

Wellness is a very holistic thing with many important aspects. Your wellness isn’t only physical but also very much about how you’re feeling mentally. Many times, when one vital part of your life is off balance, it puts off the rest of your life. 

Some (but not all) vital aspects of your wellness include your relationships and support system (romantic and not, including your family), your physical health, the status of your employment and ability to afford the necessities of life, your resilience in life and to hardships, and your overall mental health. Chances are that you have more of these portions (and others) than what you think or realize- that’s something to be so thankful for and to cherish.

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Wellness isn’t the absence of disease, it’s the best state of health for you, your body, and your mind. It’s not something people come by easily, it’s something that you’ve got to consciously work for each and every day.

Any journey to wellness isn’t paved without bumps. There will be setbacks and frustrations, periods of confusion and disappointment. That’s where your resilience and support system comes in! This is nothing to be permanently discouraged about because you will persevere through it.

I hope that whatever your specific picture of wellness is, that you are steadily and relentlessly working toward or to maintain your picture of total health. If you aren’t there yet, it will all come together for you, be patient! You are doing great, keep it up!

Everyone enjoy this lovely Thursday!



Getting to know Katie

It’s been awhile that the blog has been up and running and I thought I’d do a post dedicated to telling everyone a little bit about myself!

  • What’s your name?


  • What’s your favorite color?

Lime green is definitely my favorite color but I am a lady that LOVES colors, especially water colors. The more color, the better!

Photo by Ws on Unsplash
  • Do you have siblings?

No, I’m an only child, but I grew up very close with my family and friends.

  • What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?

The kind of legacy that I’d like to leave behind is one filled with total love and joy! I want all the people that I touch to feel that way. I want to continue to work to help and positively influence all the people that I can my whole life. I want to pass those things on to my children some day when I have them, too!

  • Biggest fears?

My biggest and ongoing fears are of the dark and letting the people that I care about most down or disappointing them… One is silly and one is a lot more philosophical!

  • Greatest accomplishments?

My greatest accomplishments so far have been becoming a registered nurse and then getting my first nursing job which was in the ER. I’ve worked in ERs ever since! My boyfriend and I buying out first home almost 2 years ago was a HUGE deal, too. We love our home and our pups.

  • Someone who inspires you?

There are so many people in my life who so greatly inspire me, but my greatest inspiration is my mom. She is the happiest, most positive, most loving and caring person in the world, no matter what is thrown at her. She’s immensely knowledgeable and hardworking. She and my dad have been here for me through everything in my life and I could never express my gratitude for them in a way that they deserve.

Taken by my Dad in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2018
  • Where is the place you feel most at peace?

The place that I feel most at peace is being with my family and anywhere on any kind of water. I love to be on the river, on lakes, or at the ocean. Being with my loved ones and by water is where my soul feels whole.

Taken by me in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2018
  • Favorite things to do?

My favorite things to do are to be outside, to be with my friends and family (and puppies), to travel, to learn new things, work at my mindfulness practices, read and write, listen to music and sing at the top of my lungs, watch murder mysteries, take long walks, and have a couple alcoholic beverages with my girlfriends J

  • Favorite season of the year?

This one is really hard for me! I love all the season for specific reasons. Fall is an apple cider, bonfire and pumpkin patch time to spend with friends and family. It’s my time to squeeze in the last of all my outdoors time before it starts to get really cold where I live. Winter is an amazing opportunity to rest, recharge, and grow. Spring is a time to continue growth and for new beginnings! But my very favorite time of the year is summer. The warm weather gives me, my friends, and family the opportunity to boat, camp, and spend all kinds of time outdoors which is SO good for my soul! 

  • Favorite food?

Gluten free chips and some queso and salsa (and a margarita– my favorite drink)! I am a sucker for Mexican food- I could really eat it every day!!

Taken by me in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2018

Well now you know just a little bit more about me and I’m enjoying getting to know just a little bit about all of you!

I hope you guys are having the greatest Monday and continue to have a wonderful week!



Secrets to Unleashing Your Self-esteem

  • Start using positive affirmations and self-talk. When you say bad things about yourself, even in a joking manner, it creates a negative thought process in your mind and effects your self-esteem. Instead, try telling yourself that you are doing your best and that your best is just perfect. Go over the things that you’re doing well instead of focusing on the negative.
    • Interrupt those negative thoughts right when they begin, before they’ve been able to build momentum and become harmful. Try thinking something positive instead, change your environment, read a book.
Photo by Katrina on Unsplash
  • Celebrate all your wins. Whether it’s small or big, all your victories and accomplishments are deserving of celebration. It’s important to reward yourself for all your hard work!
  • Forgive yourself for, and forget mistakes you may have made in the past. Your past doesn’t define you, nor should it define how you are living or feeling today. You deserve to be happy, feel better, and be free of those things. Learn from them, forgive yourself, and move on.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. It’s never fair because you’re not comparing apples to apples. Everyone’s life is different. You need to see that you are doing such a great job right where you re, and celebrate for your peers who are in other places also doing great things.
  • Utilize great self-care! Good self-esteem is built on top of the groundwork of treating yourself right. Be kind yourself and treat you like your best friend would. 
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

If you’re anything like me and struggle with your self-esteem, I hope you can use this post as a reminder that you are worthy of love (especially from you!), you’re doing great things, and that self-esteem takes some work and practice. Hopefully some of these things you’re familiar with and a few of them you can start trying. Every day is a journey and I’m right there with you!