Happy Nurse’s Week!

She didn’t think twice going the better of her 12-hour shift without a break for food or being able to run to the restroom. This never bothered her because the roots of her happiness and self-worth lay deep inside her abilities to heal and do good for other people.

You may be curious to walk through what a typical 12 hours of her shift might be like, but there is no typical shift for this lady, because she’s an ER nurse.

Some days she’s overwhelmed by the losses she couldn’t prevent or overwhelmed by the stresses and demands of her job; by the small population that she could never please no matter how hard she worked.

Most days, however, she’s so filled with joy from sharing life’s most tender and vulnerable moments with patients and their families, being there for people in their greatest time of need.

May 6th-12th is National Nurse’s Week!

What I’ve written is about ER nursing because this is the field that I work in. There are so many specialties and subspecialties of nursing but many things are the same across the field: nurses are strong, kind, caring, and they’re there for you in your greatest moments of sickness and need. They are educators and advocates, team players and support systems.

Many people know or even love a nurse, take this opportunity to verbally thank them for the wonderful things that they are doing for your community- this is something they may hear much less than you think!

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

As always, happy nurse’s week to & I am beyond thankful for the many nurses past and present that I have had the pleasure of working with. All of you have shaped me into the nurse and woman that I am today. Your kindness and compassion make the world a better place. I’d also like to thank my co-workers who aren’t nurses but make my life so much better on a regular basis, you all haven’t been forgotten!

Everyone try to wish a nurse Happy Nurses Week! 🙂



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