Book Review of “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby” by Ann Marie Ruby

Thank you to Ann Marie Ruby and her team for providing me a copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest review of it.

Title: Spiritual Lighthouse; The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby

Author: Ann Marie Ruby

Instagram: ann_marie_ruby

Twitter: @AnnahMariahRuby

Published: December 14, 2017

Can be purchased on Amazon at:

This book is a collection of 40 of Ann Marie Ruby’s favorite dreams that she shares in interesting and easy to read detail with her readers. These collections are not only spiritual but also give much information rooted in science and history which was very appealing and delighting to me. I felt this way as I am a very scientific person who has also always been very interested in the spiritual side of the world, so this was the perfect content for me! Ann Marie Ruby’s collection of dream also presents thought provoking ideas about the application and representation of dreams throughout history in Egyptian, Hindu, and several other cultures and faiths.

Throughout her book, she gives examples of different ways that her dreams have come true or have been a guiding light to her throughout her life and the ways that this has influenced her life and her spirituality. Reading her book has given me a whole new interest in paying attention to and writing down my own dreams and what they could mean to me. I am a person who dreams often and had never taken much time to consider the gift that this was and the things these dreams could be telling me.

This book although based in spirituality would be a very interesting read for any person, whether they feel strong in their faith or not. There is a lot of other very interesting content such as some of the meanings of specific pieces of her dreams, her travels and journey that these dreams have led her on, the history and science of dreams, and much more.

This book will take you some time to read as it is around 300 pages long, but it was such a interesting read and I would definitely recommend this read to others.

I have included the Amazon link to this book in the top of this posting but I have been informed that Ann Marie Ruby has several other awesome books out about many different topics, check her out!



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