The Many Lessons I’ve Learned From Grief

I’ve recently had my first very complicated encounter with loss and subsequent grief. This is a blessing because it means I’ve been so fortunate thus far as to not have to experience something so painful, but it’s also very difficult because it’s been a little blindsiding and devastating.

This experience has taught me so many things about loss, grief, and coping that I wasn’t ready for and never could have dreamed of, but could not be more thankful for.

I learned that the grief response can be more than the psychological, effecting you physically as well. It can create things in people like pain (or increased pain), nausea, dizziness, and a handful of other physical symptoms.

Grief is something that each individual person feels and experiences completely different. The way that I grieve something and the way that you would grieve the exact same thing would likely be very if not completely different.

Photo by Emma Francis on Unsplash

Grief often influences people’s nightly rest. While people are going through a tough time, it’s more difficult to get to sleep and also harder to stay asleep. On this note, people also have a higher rate of falling ill while enduring long-term stressors.

Something that’s very important to note about grief is that while the grief that I’m currently experiencing is the loss of a loved one, you can have very valid grief about just about anything. You can grieve the loss of a job, the loss of your independence, loss of limb or some kind of injury, the list could go on forever!

I’ve found that while going through loss and grief that self-care has been so important. I’ve found this experience to be so draining emotionally and physically. I’ve relied so hard on my loved ones throughout all of this. I have no idea how I would have made it this far and will continue to make it without them. There truly aren’t enough and great enough words to thank them.

Grief and waves of overwhelming sadness will touch you at random times throughout the day without warning. It’s important to acknowledge it, be with it, and not resist your feelings. Give your grief the space and whatever love that it needs.

Lastly, if you need support or need to talk, be sure to reach out and get the help that you need. You’re not alone and you should never feel alone while you’re going through this process. I hope that anyone else who finds themselves going through any kind of grief is able to cope well, get the love and support that they need, and continue forward with strength and courage. Never hesitate to contact me.



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