Curious about the best ways to support your mental health? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Start by getting a great night of sleep! Nothing sets you up for a good day like a great night of rest. Lack of sleep often causes irritability, lack of motivation, and an increase in sadness.
  • Using positive self-talk and affirmations. This may sound silly, but when you say “I’m the worst” even jokingly, that has a negative connotation on your personal outlook and self-esteem. Something as simple as telling yourself “you are doing amazing!” is the supportive gesture you deserve to give yourself.
  • Prepare and eat healthy meals. What you eat fuels your body and mind! & On that note, drink lots of water, too!
Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash
  • Take social media breaks. Give yourself and your mind time to relax and recuperate. Social media can be addicting and a source for comparing our lives to others. Use that extra time for quiet time, to write, or to do whatever your favorite thing is!
  • Evaluate your relationships: nourish the healthy ones and distance yourself from the toxic ones. Take the time to verbally thank people for the good they bring to your life.
Photo by Kevin Delvecchio on Unsplash
  • Keep in close contact with your loved ones. Talking with the people you love the most always boosts and supports my mood!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete tasks. Rushing creates stress and anxiety, makes people late creating stress and anxiety and perpetuates an unhealthy cycle.
  • Take the time every day to count your blessings. Instead of focusing on the bad, list all the reasons you have to be happy. You’ll be surprised how quickly this begins to permanently change your perspective!
  • Set personal boundaries. It’s okay to say no sometimes. Make sure that you’re not bending until you break.
  • Do kind things for others. Helping other people is good for them and makes you feel amazing, too!
  • Make an exercise routine. Exercising is an outlet for your tension and anxiety, it keeps your mood steady, and keeps your body healthy.

Your mental health is so important and I hope that you’re finding time to make it your number one priority! You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you’re the best you for everyone by treating yourself right. I hope you find some things on this list that you’re already doing and a few more that you’re ready to add on! Happy reading!



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