Make Your Perfect Positive Space a Reality!

Whether your space is for meditation, reading or writing, or just for taking a few quiet moments away from the world, creating a relaxing space for yourself should be fun, personal, and most importantly– stress free!

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

First, pick an environment that meets whatever your needs are, whatever those may be. I knew when creating my space that I do a lot of reading and writing and that I love the outdoors, so I was able to find a spot in my home with a good amount of counter space, a lot of natural light and a big window overlooking a beautiful spot in the yard. Based on these needs, I also decided to design this space a little like an office would be, with books, writing and coloring utensils, and a big comfortable chair to sit in, with a pillow and blanket to curl up with.

The most difficult step of creating your positive space is to declutter and keep this space as clean as possible. Simplifying and minimizing clutter and distractions will allow you to be your most peaceful and productive in this space you’re creating.

Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash

Although free of clutter, you can place a few objects in the area that are important to you and what you’re trying to achieve. In my space, I have a calendar for important events and scheduled blog postings, a scented candle that gets intermittently changed out, some crystals, and a couple small gifts from my loved ones.

Before I read or write, I light my candle and it reminds me that it’s a special time to relax and unwind. Being surrounded by the personal pieces that I’ve chosen and the things from my loved ones makes my heart feel very full and at peace when I’m in my retreat.

Photo by Alexandra Fuller on Unsplash

Don’t have a bunch of spare space or counter area to create your own refuge? No problem. You can take your favorites of these simple ideas and apply them to any area you want and love in your home. 

Do you have any area in your home that you love or spend a large amount of your time in? If you do, what else occupies that area? Are there any special objects or decorations that make that area what it is? I spend much of my time in my make- shift study with my candle lit, reading, writing, or studying. If I’m not there, you can usually find me reading or snuggling my puppies on the couch!

I hope you are thriving through this week and headed toward and amazing weekend!



23 thoughts on “Make Your Perfect Positive Space a Reality!

    1. Thank you so much! I try to make our place our little oasis from the world, you know? ♥️ I love to use candles and a cup of tea as that sort of signal, like “ah.. here we are, we can relax and unwind”!

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  1. I like this post a lot. I am lucky to have my own personal office that is decorated to suit me. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. Being in the right kind of setting is totally necessary if you are going to create great content. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. I like this post a lot. I am lucky to have my own personal office that is decorated to suit me. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. Being in the right kind of setting is totally necessary if you are going to create great content. Thank you for sharing this with us. It sounds like you know exactly what kind of setting you need to be productive.

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  3. Thank you so much! That is so amazing, what na awesome opportunity! It is definitely more than important to have just the right atmosphere to be able to get things done. I have found that if there is too much or not enough music on a certain day as well as too much or not enough lighting, etc that it really throws off my balance and ability to create high quality content. It’s awesome when you can take a lot of that guess work out of it ahead of time by pre-creating your perfect space! Thank you so much for your input! 🙂


  4. Love these ideas! I’ll definitely have to try lighting a candle before writing next. I tend to prep for writing sessions by isolating myself in my room and blasting music. It clears my head immediately and puts me in the right mindset to focus.

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    1. I am such a music person, too! I can have the most horrible day at work.. I get into my car and turn my music on as loud as it will go and I am put right back into the right head space! it’s amazing! 🙂 candles are like that for me too. Very ritualistic stuff that makes my heart feel so full! ❤

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  5. I really like this post 🙂 Reminding me that I can set up my desk to be a really positive space and that I probably need to clear the clutter! About to go light a candle too – forgot how good that can feel 🙂
    Thank you!

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I think we forget how we can really make our space catered to whatever good feelings we want to surround ourselves with! My candles are my go-tos and my besties! 😍 thank you! 💕

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      1. I usually use lavender or sweet orange and lemon grass. I can’t diffuse peppermint or eucalyptus because of the baby. It’s not safe for young babies to smell that too much (or at all)

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      2. I LOVE sweet orange and use that too! I wasn’t able to use eucalyptus when my shepherd was a pup and am not using it now because we have a new yellow lab. It’s not supposed to be good for them either. I don’t diffuse much at home because my shepherd has such sensitive skin. I have little car discus holders and then will put peppermint and lavender on my temples and upper lip for migraines a lot

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      3. I remember those things! I used to one a long time ago lol. I think it broke… we have a giant oil diffuser thing in the back – it’s called a rainmate diffuser – and then I have a small one in the front of the house on my desk.


      4. I love mine!! However my boyfriend cannot stand them 😂 I’d have to buy more stat if mine broke 😂 that’s amazing though! I worry about making my bubs more itchy, we haven’t quite figured out what the cause of his problems are anyway since he’s still so young. I’ll get back to my diffusing some day 😍

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