8 Mood Boosting Activities You Won’t Want to Miss!

Because it’s Monday and we all (well most of us) have a rough time with Mondays, I thought I’d post some of my very favorite MOOD BOOSTING activities. This is a comprehensive list of my favorite things to do to improve and maintain my great moods!

  • Writing/ blogging/ journaling- especially about great things that are going on or things that I have to look forward to.
  • Girls night, friends night, or family night out. Surrounding myself with my best friends or family always fills my heart with love and lifts my spirits!
  • Doing something good or nice for someone else. I enjoy planning to volunteer when I’m able or helping out friends and family when they need it. Helping people out is always good for your heart.
  • Exercise! Exercising always boosts my mood and helps me to maintain throughout the long work week (Friday can seem a lifetime away!)
  • Learn something new. Self-improvement brings me a lot of joy. Try out something new you’ve been wanting to start. Next on my list is speaking Spanish!
  • Reading. Give yourself a break from reality with the genre of your choice.
  • Plan a trip or project. This one takes more time and is sometimes more difficult. I love to plan trips, big or small. Planning a trip or a fun project around the house also gives you something long-term to look forward to. 
  • Give a loved one a call on the phone. Talking to someone you care for will boost your mood and give you an amazing chance to catch up.

I hope instead of letting this Monday get the best of you, you have taken ahold of it and turned it into a productive, happy, and worthwhile day! Take these activities and challenge yourself to spark a new motivation every Monday (and each day)!

Share with me your favorite mood boosting activities.

Hope you have the very best day!