Beating Winter Blues!

Seasonal depressive disorder can get the best of all of us. This year has seemed to last months and it’s onlythe end of January! Where I’m from, it’s brutally cold right now. Whatever the weather, the winter is difficult for everyone.

How can we keep these winter blues from running us down? During months like this immaculate self care is key. The most important thing is to promote your happiest mood, however that may be for you. What that looks like for me is spending a lot of time journaling each morning, focusing on the things and people that I’m grateful for and what I have to look forward to in the coming days. Although it’s too dangerous to spend any real amount of time outdoors, I’ve been focusing on letting all the natural light shine inside by tying back all my curtains. Some other activities that have helped to boost my mood have been lighting my favorite candles, bubble baths, listening to good music, reading, and remembering that this weather can onlylast so long! It’s important during this time to get good rest, spend time with your pets, best friends, and families. I walk at least 20 minutes 3 times a week on the treadmill indoors and the moment it gets warm enough, I’ll start walking outside again!

Even though this winter has gotten rough recently, I hope you’re able to identify some strategies to maintain your best level of health and happiness and cope through the coming days and months until the warm weather graces us again with its presence. Until then, stay dry, warm, and be happy! Let me know what new fun things you find and what tried and true methods you’ve leaned upon for years!